• We offer a friendly,



Calder House is a small, co-educational day school for children aged between seven and 13 who, for various reasons, are out of step with their potential. 

Founded in 1995, we are recognised by the Department for Education as an independent school specially organised to make educational provision for pupils with  specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia and Dyspraxia).

We offer a friendly, non-competitive environment in which children with dyslexia and other specific learning/language difficulties are encouraged to enjoy school while developing the skills they need to successfully return to mainstream education.

At Calder House each pupil follows an individual timetable tailor-made to meet the needs of both the child and the National Curriculum.

Our average class size is just eight with a staff to pupil ratio of one to four.

We get results

Based on our most recent figures over a ten year period (2001-2011), a typical pupil:

  • arrives with an unmeasurable reading age or one that is more than two years behind their chronological age
  • spends just over two years at Calder House
  • returns to mainstream with a reading age appropriate for their chronological age or (in the case of one in three pupils) an adult reading age

Our ethos:

To offer a caring and structured learning environment in which each pupil’s self-esteem is nurtured and where mutual respect and courtesy are fostered.

To find out more about entry to Calder House, click here to download details of our admissions procedure and current fees.