Calder House is rated as "Outstanding" in all areas by Ofsted.

Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in November 2015. Previously we were inspected in May 2012 when we were also judged to be "Outstanding" in all areas.

"Ofsted's judgement really matters to Calder House because it shines an independent light on the work we do here and the results we achieve. I'm delighted with this report and I would like to pay tribute and thank all our staff whose dedication and hard work it recognises. I would also like to salute our pupils – for it is their achievements, in overcoming the difficulties that once held them back, that is truly outstanding and is the ultimate measure of our success." Karen Parsons, Headteacher.

Below are some of the comments made by the Inspector. To download a copy of his full report simply click here >>

  • "When pupils leave the school their attainment is generally in line with that expected for their age and often above."
  • "The pupils themselves, and often their parents, comment on the ways in which the school has totally changed their attitudes to learning and their ability to maximise the potential that had previously been thwarted."
  • "Pupils get huge enjoyment from school and their attendance is high. This represents a stark contrast with the often low levels of attendance prior to starting at the school, and a fear and dislike of school that had even led some pupils to become ‘school refusers’. Pupils talk passionately about the ways in which the school has helped to transform the way they think of school, and therefore to become successful learners for the first time."
  • "From their low starting points when they join the school, pupils are exceptionally well supported to make outstanding progress. The rate of progress from their individual starting points is, in the large majority of cases, well above that found nationally. As a result, pupils quickly close the gap in attainment that had started to open up with their peers before they joined the school."
  • "Pupils who first joined the school having failed elsewhere, as result of transforming their ability to learn, go on to achieve academic success in secondary education, including gaining university places."
  • "The particular focus on helping pupils to develop the necessary effective skills in literacy and numeracy, has ensured that their attainment in these areas has risen quickly. Pupils are well aware of this rapid improvement and of the confidence they gain through becoming active and successful learners. Reading is promoted with vigour. Pupils who read to the inspector spoke with pride about the way in which their attitudes to reading have been changed dramatically because of the support they are given."
  • "Every pupil joins the school having to catch up and make up lost ground. The success of this is reflected in the fact that, by the time they leave, a good proportion have reading and spelling ages above their actual ages, despite their special educational needs."