Our approach

Countless children feel stranded in mainstream schools. For some Calder House can make a real difference.

At Calder House everything we do stems from the needs of the individual child.

We believe the most effective way to meet these needs is to create a personalised learning program around each pupil. This is why at Calder House every child follows a timetable designed around his or her individual strengths and weaknesses.

We believe in order for children with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties to succeed in school:

  • There must be a close match between teaching skills and pupil needs
  • Teaching should be informed by specialist training
  • One to one support should be given by specialists
  • The role of teaching assistants is to support the teacher – not to do the work for the child
  • There should be no withdrawal from core lessons and fun activities
  • Full access to the National Curriculum should prepare the child to return to mainstream schooling
  • Speech and language therapists and physiotherapists should support teaching staff to promote the development of the mental and physical skills which underpin learning skills.
  • Teachers should help pupils overcome their fear of failure. In order to succeed pupils need to be confident enough to try and make mistakes. 

Calder House gives children the opportunity to succeed in a friendly learning environment. We are non-competitive. We celebrate success and achievement – but without putting others down.

Most of all we have fun: our aim is to ensure that our pupils enjoy school, achieve the success of which each is capable and return within a short time frame (in most cases under three years) to mainstream education.