Sport at Calder House is about building confidence and having fun while developing a sense of fair play and team spirit. We understand how taking part in sporting activities can be very daunting for children with dyspraxia and other spatial/motor difficulties. This is why Calder House gives pupils the chance to take part in a wide range of different activities and makes sure there are choices for those who prefer individual activities to team games.

Games (including football, cricket, basketball, tag-rugby, netball, rounders and tennis) and P.E. are taught throughout the year.

Pupils are also taught to swim and encouraged to take the ASA swimming badges.

Calder House regularly takes part in friendly matches against other local schools in a range of sports including netball, football, cricket, rounders and cross-country running. Our pupils sometimes win and sometimes don’t – but they always have a good time! At Calder House every pupil gets a chance to represent the school if they want to and their self confidence grows as they realise they can.