When they start school at Calder House most of our pupils have a reading age well below their actual age - and in many cases no measurable reading age at all. The difficulties these children have experienced with reading and writing often leaves their self-confidence in tatters and is the root cause of their underachievement in many other areas.

Enabling children to read and write is at the heart of our teaching at Calder House:

  • we employ specialist teachers trained to teach dyslexic children
  • we timetable opportunities throughout the morning for one-to-one work
  • we use a variety of remedial approaches to accommodate differing 
    learning styles
  • we measure progress regularly and adjust individual pupil's 
    learning programmes accordingly

Our approach gets results. We turn children for whom reading and writing had become an impossible struggle into children who love books and who actively engage with the written word. Moreover, as they overcome their difficulties, their confidence and self-esteem returns and they start to make real progress in all areas.

Pupils usually leave Calder House with a reading age significantly in advance of their chronological age