Performing Arts

Art: Many of our pupils demonstrate exciting artistic talent and they all gain a great deal of pleasure from art lessons. We have a dedicated art room where pupils can leave work in progress and they keep design/technology folders as a permanent record of their project work. They are also involved in making props and scenery for the school plays, as well as producing their own creative pieces in clay, paint and other medium. 

Public Speaking: We are a centre for the English Speaking Board examinations and each year all pupils are entered for these examinations. Boosted by rediscovered self-confidence, this is an area in which our pupils excel with many achieving distinctions in the grades they take.

Drama: Weekly lessons from specialist teachers make this an exciting and subject which builds pupil confidence. Many dyspraxic pupils discover acting and performance is a real strength and is a curriculum area in which they can excel. There are two school productions every year.

Music: Music lessons take place every week and singing together forms part of our school assemblies. Throughout the year parents are able to enjoy listening to their children sing and pupils benefit themselves from singing. Music appreciation and making music form part of our music lessons extending learning beyond the basic curriculum.