Science and Computing

Science: At Calder House this important subject focuses on investigating and evaluating - cause and effect. Pupils love science and we make many cross-curricula links from science to other subjects including, for instance, Geography via pollution issues and the need to conserve the planet’s dwindling resources. We also ensure the Maths department works closely with the Science teachers to assist those pupils who have difficulty recording or interpreting data using charts and graphs.

In our approach to science we implement the National Curriculum to ensure that by the end of Key Stage 2 all curriculum topics have been covered.

Computing: Calder House follows the full National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 and teaches Computing as a subject in its own right. The school has its own dedicated I.T. suite divided into individual work-stations. Pupils have supervised access to the internet and email and taught how to use online tools safely and responsibly.

Our pupils learn to write computer programmes, make power point presentations, create files and store their work as well as how to safely use email, internet search engines and websites. When emailing, pupils' personal identities are not revealed.

Each child works at their own computer station in a class group of not more than eight under the direct supervision or the teacher.

Cross-curricula links mean that in Geography, History and RE pupils are encouraged to establish contacts with other schools around the world and broaden their understanding of other cultures and environments.

The skills we teach in computing are drawn upon in lessons throughout the day and a booking system ensures that all teachers have ready access to the suite when they require it. Interactive whiteboards installed in classrooms throughout the school also provide access to the internet and are used by both staff and pupils.