Life after Calder House School

At the end of their time at Calder House, the vast majority of our pupils transfer successfully to mainstream schools and go on to thrive within them. They take the change from a small nurturing environment to larger mainstream schools in their stride.

We are enormously proud of the progress made by every child at Calder House. At the beginning of each academic year, we publish data showing the progress made by every pupil who has left the school in the last 12 months. 

To view our Leavers Lists for the previous four years, simply click on the links below. These record the gains in reading, spelling and maths made by each child as well as how long they spent at Calder House and the school they joined when they left us. What this data does not record is the equally important progress pupils make towards becoming confident, independent learners. To view this, we invite you to visit our school.

Leavers Lists: these provide an overview of the progress achieved by every child who has attended Calder House during his or her time at our school.  

» Leavers List (2016-17)
» Leavers List (2017-18)
» Leavers List (2018-19)
» Leavers List (2019-2020)
» Leavers List (2020 - 2021)

Pupils from Calder House go on to a wide variety of schools in both the independent and state sectors. Click here to find out more about them.

We are delighted to receive feedback from our former pupils as well as visits from them. Messages from the parents of past pupils and from the pupils themselves testify to the long term benefits and effectiveness of the teaching and support given at Calder House.