Our honourable friend

Former Calder House pupil to stand as MP in 2015!

Write on!

Natasha wins story writing competition!

Learning about Islam

Hamida Shaffi visits Calder House to talk about Islamic culture and her muslim faith

Once upon a time...

Pupils build a story with top children's author Christopher Hill at the Bath Literary Festival

Summer Term Leavers

We made a difference to these ones! 

Canoeing Adventure

Splashing out! Calder House goes kayaking.

Joe's Journey

Joe walks to school - from Malmesbury!!

English Speaking Board Exams

Something to SHOUT about ...our best ever results in ESB exams!

Sports Day: Summer Term 2013

Mr Day on why he felt so proud at Sports Day

The start of a journey not just a race

From "no" to "maybe" and from "maybe" to "I can" ...Mr Perks explains how at CHS our x-country race is the start of a much bigger journey


Why Calder House?


A man was walking along the beach one day. Ahead he noticed another, older man picking up a starfish that had become stranded on the sand and throwing it back into the sea.

Why do you bother?” the man asked him. “The beach goes on for miles and countless starfish get stranded every day. You can’t really make a difference.

The old man looked at the starfish in his hand and then he threw it to safety among the waves. “I can make a difference to this one,” he replied.

Countless children feel stranded at school. For some Calder House can make a real difference.

Calder House Magazine

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History comes alive for the Greens and Yellows
Monday, 03 January 2011 00:00
The Yellow and Green classes went to Cleeve Abbey this week on their History trip. Last term they studied Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries and were thrilled to be met at the Gatehouse by the Abbot. They learnt that they were to dress in monks’ habits and learn about life at the Abbey. They entered into this with enthusiasm and particularly enjoyed acting out a monk at work, study and prayer. At least they that's what they were doing before they were suddenly interupted... by a messenger from King Henry! The messanger said that the king's soldiers would shortly arrive to search the Abbey for gold and silver. The children quickly ran around the grounds burying ‘treasure’. Later, they learnt that although the soldiers found no treasure that the Abbey would be closed.  History came alive for them and I don’t think they will forget their day as a Benedictine monk.

Mrs.  Devereux
Senior Mistress & Subject Leader: English
Quick update! While the Yellow and Green classes were monk-eying around at Cleeve Abbey, the Blues and Browns were off to London to visit the Natural History Museum. And here are a few snaps from the day:





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