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Why Calder House?


A man was walking along the beach one day. Ahead he noticed another, older man picking up a starfish that had become stranded on the sand and throwing it back into the sea.

Why do you bother?” the man asked him. “The beach goes on for miles and countless starfish get stranded every day. You can’t really make a difference.

The old man looked at the starfish in his hand and then he threw it to safety among the waves. “I can make a difference to this one,” he replied.

Countless children feel stranded at school. For some Calder House can make a real difference.

Calder House Magazine

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School Trip to Sevington
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00

The Brown and Yellow classes got to experience what life was REALLY like for children growing up in the Victorian age - on a school trip to Sevington Victorian School! To find out what they made of it all check out these reports by Izzy, Ellie and Eleanor. 



Click here to see more pictures from the day.


To-day I went back in time to a Victorian school (called Sevington). We first of all sang “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and said our prayers and we did some arithmetic (the lady who taught us was called Miss Squires) we did our arithmetic on a slate board with a special type of pencil. We then learned a poem and I still remember it. "We thank the goodness and the grace that on my birth hath smiled within these halcyon days a happy English child." The girls made lavender bags (it was a lot of fun, it was may favourite thing to do there). I then wrote with my dip pen in my special booklet. We had a Victorian lunch (it was yummy) and then played outside with wooden horses and skipping ropes it was a great time. Then we lined up outside of school with boys on the left and girls on the right and marched into the school. Where first we were told of all the punishments and then did some reading from “A Child’s First Book” . Finally we talked about our day and what we liked best.
Isabel, Yellow Class

Today was the best day ever! I went to a Victorian school which was like a little church. There was a lady that rung an old bell and then we got separated, boys on the right and girls on the left. We went into a small classroom where we had to call the teacher ma' am. The boys went out and were taught how to do Victorian maths including, pounds, shillings, pennies and farthings. The girls went into the kitchen and did some brass polishing on the scales, then we swept round and had a go at sewing. I found it hard but enjoyable. We had lunch in front of the roaring fire. Then a few minuets later we went outside to play in the freezing cold. Once we finish playing we went back in the warmth to continue with our lessons. We wrote poems with pencil and slate though I thought it was difficult. Ma'am taught us the 12 times table and she also showed us the different punishments, Dunce cap and Cane whacking! At the end of the day we had a photograph taken of us all in our Victorian clothes. Finally we left to go back to are nice, warm and cosy
Ellie, Brown Class

Today I visited a Victorian school. We first had to line up girls and boys on separate sides. The first thing we did was sang All Things Bright and Beautiful. We were given a penny and we had to give it to Miss Squires. The first lesson was Maths. I was a monitor and I had to hand things out with Jemima. Then we went to the kitchens and we had to polish brass. I had to rub chalk on the steps. Then we made lavender bags. The next lesson was handwriting with dip pens. After lunch we had play time. I did skipping and running with the hoop. We were shown punishments. There is the finger stocks. They would have been tied behind their backs. There was a back straightener. There are two types of back straighteners, one for girls and one for boys. There was a sign that said Liar. Miss Squire did not like liars. There was a dunce hat. The worst punishment was the cane. Miss Squires had some pupils that missed school. The last lesson was reading and spelling. Then we shook Miss Squires’ hand and said Ma'am for the last time and then departed.
Eleanor, Yellow Class

Today I went to Sevington School. It is a Victorian school. We had to dress up as Victorian children. We wore a waistcoat, plain long white shirt, trousers and shiny black shoes. We had to stand outside before entering the classroom, it was freezing cold!! The only heating was an open fire. The teacher was called Miss Squires, but we had to call her "Mam". She was very strict, she had two canes one thick and one thin, the thin one hurt more. She also had finger slots, back board, posture board and a dunces cap. I had my photo taken with my hand out and Miss Squires holding a cane. We made candles out of bees wax. We had to warm it up in our hands put the string in and roll it up tightly. We also did some brass polishing of a horse brass. We had to do handwriting, I had to use my right hand, even  though I am left handed. We also learned a poem off by heart. Boys and girls sat separately at lunch and also at play. I’m glad I am not a Victorian boy!

Oliver, Brown Class


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