Staff Resources

The following resources are available for members of staff currently employed by Calder House:


Anti-bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy plus appendix, Visitors to School

Code of Conduct for School Staff

Data Protection Policy for Pupils and Staff

Disability Policy

Drugs Policy

Employment Handbook inlc. Appendix 1: Grievance Procedure

Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy specific to PE, Games and Swimming

Homework Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Marking Policy

Medical Conditions Policy and associated paperwork

Parents Handbook

Policy on Physical Interventions (the use of force)

Positive Behaviour Policy

Promoting Racial Equality Policy

Putting Young People First – Essential Good Practice Checklist

Guidance on Activities Outside of School incl. Risk Assessment 

Safe Use of the Internet Policy

Safeguarding Flowchart

Safer Recruitment Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Handbook

Whistleblowing Policy


Please Note: Calder House asserts its copyright over these resources and they should not be accessed, reproduced or distributed by anyone who is not currently employed by the school.